Lorikeet care sheet

Lorikeets and lories, unlike most parrots, have developed a special type of tongue that is ideal for harvesting nectar and pollen (click here for good look at that crazy tongue!). Because of this tongue and their specialized digestive systems, they do not do well on a pellet diet.

One of the most economical and nutritional diets that you can order is easily found on Amazon. I would encourage you to always have an emergency portion since it’s not sold in many pet stores. To feed, you would mix the powder with some water and let the lory or lorikeet lap it up.

Because of the added water, lorikeet nectar is quick to grow mold! For this reason, if the mixture hasn’t been eaten within three hours of setting it out, I would throw it away and thoroughly clean the bowl. Lorikeets can be rather fragile compared to other parrots and it’s very easy for them to be missing certain vitamins. Offer a wide variety of fruits and vegetables to go with their nectar as a way of supplementing any potential nutrient absence.

The general rule is that you should buy the biggest cage that you can afford. Parrots are active birds and need plenty of room to stretch out and play. They’re very much like children in their antics and, like children, need space to move around. I would recommend a minimum cage size of 30″ wide x 20″ long x 30″ high. These cages by Prevue Hendryx on Amazon have served me well and they offer lots of room.

This is where many people fall down in the overall care for their birds. Life happens. I know. Sometimes you’d rather go watch that newly released movie with your friends than hang out with your bird. You get to see him everyday, right? He’s not going anywhere. One day won’t hurt. Except when it does. Sometimes, one day is all it takes. Birds become sooo dependent on us for interaction and love. Especially if you only have one. They bond with us. They love us. They need us. I heard it once described like this: you have the entire world outside your front door. Your bird only has you. If you get a bird, you need to make sure that you have at least 1 or 2 hours to spend with him. If not, at least get him a friend. Remember, you chose him. He didn’t get a choice at all.

Lack of socialization leads to bad behavior. Some birds will start plucking. Some birds start screaming. Some will become aggressive. Some may stop liking you and prefer another person in your household instead. Think about it like this: if you were ignored by the one you love, would you like it? Of course not. For your sanity and especially for your bird, please make sure you have enough time to spend with him.

Additional notes:
Because of their liquid diet, lorikeet and lory waste is nasty business. Pardon the imagery, but it shoots out like a rocket missile! It would be best to have these birds outdoors or on an easy-to-clean surface. I had mine on carpet and that was a huuuuuge mistake!


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