Simple shower perch

My birds love taking showers with me, but I never wanted to invest in one of those official shower perches because, come on, $20 for a couple of pieces of pipe? No way. So I would put a wet rag over the towel rack and my little ones would balance on that.

It didn’t long for me to realize that it wasn’t really comfortable them, though. They’d have to watch how they stepped and if the rag ever fell, they would go tumbling down along with it (all of my birds can fly so this isn’t as dramatic as it sounds).

So, I bought some of that medical wrap tape (it comes in different colors!) and wrapped it around my towel rack:

It looked pretty good. It held together very well. Luckily, my birds won’t pick at it when they’re in the shower but if they ever did, it’s totally safe for them. And it cushions their creepy little feet, too!

Five wet little birdies. ❤