Gavi the crested gecko

I have to admit: when I started this blog, I didn’t expect to hear about so many animals in need. When people aren’t messaging me for care advice, they’re offering unwanted pets that are on the brink of death or expensive vet bills. So, that’s how I ended up with Gavi:


At first, he didn’t appear to be that bad. He was hunched up and nervous, like I would expect from a frightened animal. But gradually, I started to notice how skinny he really was. You can make out some of the finer details in his picture above, but trust me when I say that it looks much worse in person.

The lady who offered him to me had a bunch of kids with another on the way, so it wouldn’t surprise me if she had been too overwhelmed to remember to feed her pet. After all, it’s not like they matter, right? 😡

Sorry, I shouldn’t be mean. I don’t know her circumstances. All I know is that Gavi is severely underweight and won’t take food willingly. I gave him a day to settle in, and the next morning he wouldn’t move a muscle. I thought he was dead. I went so far as to get a paper towel to pick up his “corpse” before I saw him twitch. His state was quickly escalated to “emergency” in my mind and I’ve been offering him a selection of foods ever since.

Typically, you’ll want to feed a crested gecko either Pangea or Repashy crested gecko food. I have two flavors of both brands, which I put into two bowls for him to select from. In addition to that, I included some mashed banana mixed with some calcium and vitamin powder as well as some organic baby food puree. So, four bowls for his pleasure. The objective is to get him to eat. I don’t even care about what he eats so long as he eats something.

Unfortunately, his food (all of it) was untouched yesterday as well. So, I dipped my finger into his bowl and with the faintest touch possible, put some onto the tip of his nose. He licked it off, which seemed to arouse his interest. He licked a few more drops off. I had to dip my finger about three more times before he lost interest again.

Force-feeding will be my last resort. I wish he could have taken a little more in yesterday, but at least it was something. He’s still acclimating to his new home, so I don’t want to scare him. But I would very much like for him to start eating regularly.

Poor little guy. 😦


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