Grayson died today


This is Grayson. I fell in love with her at the petstore and brought her home with me. She was so tiny… but even at the store she sneezed quite a bit. Within a week she started leaking porphyrin from her nose and eyes. She went blind. She tried to crawl but ended up making circles or rolling over. Her head was always tipped.


The vet advised Baytril and I diligently treated her with it. I warmed up her baby food and fed her with a syringe because she was too dizzy to eat or drink by herself. Three times a day I would treat her like a little baby… because she was. My little baby.

I’m so sad that she passed. I wish I could have done more but I don’t even know what there was to do. The vet suspects it was an inner ear infection but says it could also have been a tumor.

She was born to be a feeder rat. Snake food. I hope, at the very least, she died warm while knowing that she was loved.


She’s buried next to another baby rat, also from a petstore, that died from similar symptoms. At least she won’t be alone and now Stu2 has company.

Rest in peace, Grayson and Stu2. ❤



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