DIY rat hammock

Pet hammocks for squirrels, rats, sugar gliders, and the like can be expensive! I’ve seen some great ones that are worth the investment but sometimes, in a pinch, you just have to make do. Especially when, like me, you have little rodents that loooooove to chew EVERYTHING to pieces!

This is why we can’t have nice things, guys.

Anyway, you’ll need nothing more than a rag or bath towel and binder clips for this project. Yay!


Is that a leaf on my floor? How did that even get there?

But I digress. Clip a corner of your rag to the cage using the binder clip. Then… do that three more times.


You can hang the hammock however you like. I have little wooden branches for my boys to climb on, so I chose to wrap one corner of the rag around that branch.


I recommend testing the hammock out before you let your ratties crawl into it. Put some weight on it just to make sure it holds, then you can unleash the furballs. Haha.


Rama approves! In fact, it’s actually his favorite place to be. As an aside: you can use white rags and throw them into the wash with some bleach when they’re dirty. Brand new! Except for the chewed parts…


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