My animals in need

For those that are curious, I have a few updates on how everybody is doing… But first, I thought I’d announce my plans for a Youtube channel. 🙂 I’m afraid to be in front of a camera but it’s really hard to convey all the things I’m thinking of with words and static imagery alone. I really hope anyone out there will be as excited as I am about the prospect of videos. I can go over specie care, DIYs, and just show off my menagerie of wonderful creatures. Yay! ❤

Anyway, on to the updates. There are four animals that have been in desperate need: the two turtles, the caique, and the crested gecko. I’ll start with the turtles.


Bowser and Koopa (the turtle) have both been eating well. I see lots of excrement in their tank/cage and it all appears to be quite healthy! Additionally, I notice lots of food gone by morning when I check their bowl. Koopa, being an aquatic species, has been getting more and more time to soak. His shell still looks disastrous but it’s starting to flake – which indicates healing.

Bowser is doing extremely well. Not only has he shed two “rot patches” but he’s become much more inquisitive and lively. I think the Baytril cleared his respiratory infection right up and he’s begun greeting me when I come to pick him up. I’ve tried very hard not to stress him out but I think he associates me with food and treats and has learned that I’m nothing too frightening. 🙂


Gavi, the crested gecko, is still refusing food. Sometimes, he eats just a little but that is usually very small and only happens every other day or every two days. He looks severely emaciated and dehydrated, so I upped the temperature for him (it’s very cold here, so I have to provide a heat source) and I’ve begun force feeding him. Naturally, he hates it. I know that it’s stressing him further, but my vet suggested this as the only thing to do if I really want to save him.

Speaking of the vet, a fecal analysis was performed and nothing came up. Gavi is clear, just… anorexic. I’m going to continue the force feedings until I’m told to stop or until Gavi decides to eat on his own. The vet did mention that it may be possible he’s too far underweight and has been too uderweight for so long that his appetite was diminished. In which case, he should be fine in a matter of weeks. So, fingers crossed!


Demon, the caique, has been my problem child for about a year now. He came to me as an extreme case of abuse and neglect. We’ve been working on his behavioral issues and I’m proud to say that he’s perfect cuddle buddy now! We had a BIG milestone when my mom (ever so brave!) was able to hold AND pet him! I can’t stress her bravery enough there. Haha. Demon has earned the reputation of being the rather psychotic creature in my menagerie. It seems to be a reputation that no longer fits him, though.

His plucking is another issue, however. After I got him, I saw tremendous progress. He almost grew in every single missing feather. Aaaand then he regressed in a single night and plucked himself bald. I started putting a sweater on him to see if that might break the habit but had to stop because he would shred his sweater to pieces and get tangled in the mess. So now we’re back to Mr. Baldy. I’ve been having to rub coconut oil onto his skin to moisturize the dry spots (again, it’s a dry climate). I’ll also have to have his beak trimmed shortly. His liver disease causes overgrowth that he simply can’t file it down fast enough by himself.

We’ve been giving him a new antibiotic for his recurring infection but it’s too early to tell whether or not it’s working. It’s a 45 day regiment. His milk thistle keeps his poops runny, so that’s always lovely to clean up. Altogether, though, he’s stable and sloooooowly getting better. It seems to be a “one step forward, two steps back” scenario. Except… um… two steps back means I’m going backwards… Demon IS making progress. Albeit slowly. My poor little boy.

He seems very happy, though. ❤


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