It’s been a long time!


I am so sorry for the absence! I can’t believe it’s almost been an entire month since I updated.

There’s a reason for that, although it saddens me to talk about it. I decided to adopt out my wonderful cockatiel, Machiavelli. She was precious to me but my other birds required so much time that I felt she was becoming a little neglected. Of the bunch, she was one of the easiest to find a new home for. And boy did she ever get a great home! The lady that took her has worked with bird rescues almost as long as I have. She wanted Machiavelli to bring to schools to educate children about birds and wildlife as a whole. ❤

I believe she has a terrific home with someone that will spoil her rotten! But I still miss her. 😦 It was a bittersweet parting. Thankfully, although ‘tiels can get quite attached, it’s nothing like rehoming a bigger bird. Grays, for example, do not do well when they end up in a new house with new people. Plucking and behavioral problems are common in such cases.

But anyway, I took in a few more pets during the time of my hiatus. Three tokay geckos (one of which came with severe skin issues), two mice, a red claw scorpion, a three toed box turtle, and an ackie monitor with a missing foot. The ackie and the boxie are my favorites. 🙂 They’re both so sweet and docile. I’m still considered names for the ackie but I decided to go with Kammy for the turtle. So now I find myself suddenly with an abundance of turtles! Six, to be exact: Bowser, Kooper, Lakitu, Spike, Goomba, and Kammy. All of them are named after Super Mario characters. Hahaha.

Also, I have sad news. Gavi, the starving crested gecko, didn’t make it. I continued hand-feeding him but he just never took to food on his own terms and after many weeks of trying, he passed away. I still don’t know what was wrong. I had been to the vet twice but all tests came back negative. According to the vet, he was in optimal health – albeit anorexic. I guess his case was just an anomaly. It breaks my heart because I had really gotten attached to the little guy. 😦

At least the turtles are still doing well with their shell rot and the ackie has settled in nicely. Demon, the parrot, plucked a few of his growing feathers but at least it was not a massive step back. He still has significant growth compared to where he was.


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