The worst thing about loving animals


While I was on hiatus, a lot changed. I found a great home for my darling cockatiel, Machiavelli. I also found awesome homes for the African Sideneck turtle, Goomba; the savannah monitor, Reptar; the Mississippi Map turtle, Koopa; and the uromastyx, Ulrich. It rips my heart out every time I have to give these guys up, but finding them good homes makes more room for me to take in new ones.

A few things I look for when I’m interviewing a potential new home for my beloveds are: can they provide a picture of the cage/equipment/toys that are necessary for the animal? Can they answer questions I have about their care? If they have experience with that type of animal already, it’s a huge plus. And I’m not proud of this, but if something seems a little “off” about the person, I’ll even try to trick them with common myths surrounding popular animals (like asking a person who wants to take a reptile “What kind of heat rock do you have for them?” because heat rocks are a HUGE no-no). If anything leads me to conclude they will not make a perfect home, then I explain the reason for my decline and explain that the animals I take in often came from bad situations. That they need a perfect home now.

Most people are very understanding of this. I don’t want to leave them with questions because that doesn’t educate them. It just means that they’ll go out and find some other animal to adopt and may provide inadequate care. On a few occasions, the person is very receptive and enthusiastic about listening to my advice. Sometimes they even provide links to the care sheets where they got their information. This usually leads to some very positive dialogue! In the end, it’s about trying to make a difference through education. Or at least that’s what I strive for! 🙂

Unfortunately, even knowing that my critters go on to great homes does little to take away my pain. I miss them. I get so attached to all of them. When you spend hours every day taking care of these guys and providing them with stimulating environments and entertainment, they really become part of you. But, life goes on.

Sorry for the ramble. I just needed to get this out there. 🙂


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