My little critters


I’ve been too busy to write up anything educational or informative, so I thought I’d take some time to write about my beloveds and my life.

First off, they’re all doing well! That’s always a good thing. I haven’t added any more to the menagerie nor done anything lately in the realm of rescue work. These little guys, though. They’re all like people. From my corn snakes who seem to enjoy watching the occasional Young Justice episode with me; to the birds who run crazy like children, telling each other to “stop it” and demanding that I “come here.”

The other morning, I was trying to sleep in when I was woken (as usual) by the sound of my flock. At first, my impulse was to ignore them and go back to sleep. But then it slowly dawned on me that their “squawking” sounded a LOT like a conversation. So I started listening. More bird chatter, then bird laughter (am I the only one that suspects that they have their own laughter?), then “staaahp it,” and more bird laughter. The other piped up with “hi babies” (which is how I always greet them), and then more raucous bird laughter. They continued mimicking me and then laughing about it for about thirty minutes.

I recognized three things: 1. birds are capable of gossip and 2. based on their laughter, it may not have been complementary of me (which I don’t take offense to because, come on, they’re birds!) and 3. that they are smart little devils. I’m still amused even as I think about it.

There was one night when I had them all out and they each fell asleep in turn somewhere on me. I’ve decided that their nickname for me must be “great tree” because I’m their favorite place to hang out and sleep on.

As for the reptiles, Bowser is nearly completely healed up. He was the one that had shell rot and thankfully it’s all gone away. Apep is the tegu and he’s been allowed to start roaming through my bathroom, which seems to be his favorite place. He likes to fall asleep under my dirty clothes pile – which is maybe flattering? Maybe he finds my smell comfortable? Or maybe he’s trying to tell me that I smell like a lizard. 😀

Viola, the eclectus parrot, is still having nothing to do with me. She adores my brother, however, and has been making small progresses by allowing me to hand feed her. It’s a pain trying to get a bird to love you again and she may never be the same for me as she was (they can be very hormonal and sometimes some birds just don’t like certain people). But I still have hope. Maybe I’ll blog about that next (if my process works, that is): how to get a bird to love you again.


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