The chaos of life <3


Because I have so many pets to keep up with, it’s easy to forget about my social media stuff. 😦 I am so sorry, my friends. It’s been months since I last checked on things and I was so happy and flattered to have so many messages from so many different people. There are still people subscribing to me and checking my blog, Twitter, and Instagram. I had birthday wishes on Facebook and e-mails from people asking where I went. It makes me so happy to think I’ve reached that many people. You are all so wonderful and kind. ❤

It’s been so long that I’m not sure where I left off, so let me try to update everybody and from here, I’ll make more of a effort to be available online and start trying to post regularly. I’m thinking I can keep up with at least one blog update per week (although I’ll certainly try for more). It might make easier for you guys to come back and check on me, too, if I have a set date to update? So how about every Saturday? Even if it’s just a status update or something. 🙂

Now, onto what you’re really here for: the babies! To start, the flock is doing very well! Those crazy birds love to drive me crazy… and I secretly love it. Haha. No one has had any health issues and my boy, Demon, is getting on very well. We had a minor setback in his plucking issue, but I think we’re back on the right road again and regrowing some beautiful feathers to replace what was lost.

I found amazing homes for a few of the reptiles. Remember all of my little gecko buddies? Each and every one found a beautiful home with a person that I trusted to look after them. I’m still getting a few pictures of them in their new lives. I don’t know if it would be proper to post them online without permission, so I’ll ask around when I get the pics and show them off if I get the go-ahead. 🙂

My gorgeous bunny also found a happy new home. It pained me to let her go but a friend of mine recently lost her bunny (old age) and was looking for a new companion for her remaining rabbit. This girl… she is the perfect bunny home. She has a three story rabbit cage that was custom made by her dad. It takes up nearly 1/3 of her bedroom. It’s glorious and a veritable bunny paradise. I knew my baby would be happier with a fuzzy friend of her own and a human slave to take care of her every need and shower he with affection. So I let her go. I don’t regret it at all, but I do miss my fuzzy baby.

Naga, the plated lizard, also found a good place to call home. He’s now the proud resident of a custom built terrarium with live eco soil and all the heat and roaches he could ever want.

In short order, I’ll be finding a home for my ackie monitor and bearded dragon. Just waiting for the right person to come along. It’s not that I want to let them go… but if I ever hope to help new animals in need, I have to make room for them. 😦 Even if it’s painful for me.

The birds, though. They’re mine forever. I love those little chicken-heads so much.


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