Quick DIY bird toys in less than 5 mins

I have quite a few birds and, sometimes, keeping them all entertained can be a chore! So here are three quick, do-it-yourself birds toy ideas that can be made in 5 minutes or less (total!). Feel free to decorate them or change them however you please! There are so many ideas out there. This is just something to get you started and something that can enrich the life of your parrot from a few minutes to a day (or possibly longer, depending on the bird!).

Starting off, let’s make a napkin toy worthy of being shred to pieces. Obviously, we’ll start with a few napkins. Add a few binder clips to this and you have your ingredients. Simple, right?


Next, we want to fold the napkin in half, and then over once again (depending on the size of your napkin).


Now you can slip your napkin between the bars of your birdie’s cage, and clip it on. Like so:


Lastly, step back and admire your work. Your bird should have a great time shredding this thing to tiny pieces. I know that mine certainly do!


For our second toy, we need some tiny pieces of paper and some treats that they love. I use Nutriberries for mine. A note on the type of paper, though: don’t use anything that has ink on it because this can be unsafe for your feathered friend (newspaper, wrapping paper, etc are all suspect!). Plain printer paper is awesome and can be cut to a desired size, or for bigger birds, use the whole sheet.


We next take the paper and put the treat in the center.


Now, just ball it up.


You can use some organic hemp twine (this is safe for birds, I wouldn’t dare assume many other types of “string” are) to hang it from the cage if you wish, or just set it on the bottom of the cage for them to have fun shredding. This type of toy is great because it simulates foraging, which they would be doing in the wild. Be sure not to leave the toy inside the cage after they’ve pooped on it, though. This can be hazardous and just plane unhygenic.


A further note: it might be easier if you don’t have the birds out while you’re working on these. This little monster tried to steal the treats I was using right out from under my nose! 😀


Last but not least, we have the infamous straw toy. Got some beverage straws laying around? Grab ’em. That’s all you need (although you’re free to add more if you wish).


We’re going to separate one straw from the bunch, then take the bunch and twist them. Use the individual straw to tie the rest of them together. It should look something like this:


Now we can tie it to the cage.


Not even two minutes after making this toy, my African Grey decided to get busy destroying it.


(Sorry for the blurry pic. I couldn’t get the camera to focus!)

There you have it! Three simple toys that can be made in under 5 minutes or less. Enjoy! ❤