My name is Morgan (AKA Morrigyn). I’m 26 years old, female, and considered the “big, clumsy, featherless freak” by my menagerie. Humans call me “the crazy bird lady.” I probably shouldn’t wear that title with as much pride as I do but… oh well. Sometimes you just have to laugh at yourself, right? (:

My goal in starting this blog is to educate people about animals and give them a one-stop source for information. I want the average pet-store visitor to know that parrots can NOT and should NOT be fed seeds – they need pellets at the very least and fresh veggies in an ideal world. I want the parent that buys their child a pet snake because it’s “cool” to know that heating rocks are a BAD idea and that there is a host of myths out there surrounding snake care. I want the show off that thinks having a big lizard would be awesome to understand that these creatures need BIG cages and a LOT of food. Their care is specialized. You can’t just walk into a petstore and buy a bag of tegu kibble.

If I can reach just one person, I will feel good. This blog will be worth it. I have a few animals in my care that came from HORRIBLE conditions. Their previous owners weren’t bad people, but they didn’t do their research and their pet suffered for it. It’s that lack of knowledge that is most detrimental to an animal. That’s what I want to address. Learn by my example. I’ve devoted my life to my pets and I am proud to say that I have their care requirements down to a science.

I want the best for my menagerie because they never asked to be my prisoners. They may love me and accept me, but they didn’t choose me. I have the whole world right outside my door. They only have me. YOUR pets only have YOU. You are their world. You have to make it great for them.

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